Connecting Big Ideas to the B2B Customer Lifecycle

Content marketing may be a new name for an old game, but the context in which we work is more complex than ever. Content must be planned and structured for an acronym soup of modern marketing systems and a constantly evolving set of digital platforms, devices and distribution channels.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some of the pieces in place, we'll help you develop an effective content marketing strategy and create engaging content to support it. (And we'll have fun doing it!)


Content is messy. Content strategy brings order to the chaos and charts a path for customers to engage with your business. Informed by customer insights, we create a blueprint for your content marketing that aligns to your business vision, supports your brand strategy, and maps to the customer lifecycle. 

  • Content audits

  • Gap analysis and recommendations

  • Content/story mapping

  • Editorial planning

  • Audience persona development

  • Content workshops for your team


The best content marketing starts with a big idea and weaves it into a narrative journey—with your audience as the hero. What's your story? What's the human truth that is relevant, helpful or entertaining? We'll start there and then create assets, from articles and ebooks to podcasts and videos, that bring your story to life across the B2B customer lifecycle.

  • Creative ideation

  • Strategic messaging

  • Writing and editing

In addition to the direct services above, Chill Content taps into an enviable network of digital talent with complementary expertise, including visual and interactive design, web development, user experience research and web analytics.